5 Most Popular Budget Accommodations for Backpackers in Penang

Traveling to Malaysia can be a great time for anyone that is interested in beautiful landscape. There are some people that come to this area that are looking for a short stay. There are other visitors visitors that come to Malaysia will often seek lodging for long periods. There are some wonderful accommodations if you want to stay in Malaysia without ruining your budget. The following information provides some examples that travelers can consider.

The Lazy Boys Travel Lodge is a common place for people that are planning to stay in Malaysia on a budget. Travelers can rent rooms at this facility and get access to single or double rooms. The lodging area comes with free Internet access.

There are also some good accommodations for budget travelers with 56 Red Inn. This is a good spot for those that plan to stay in Penang. This is a great for people on a budget because there are actually options for mixed dormitory bedrooms. There are some rooms that have 6 beds and others that have 16 beds. There are some private room options, but the dorm styled multiple bed rooms are going to provide the best money saving accommodations.

When you come to Malaysia you will find that there are a plethora of options for the dorm styled rooms. There is also a lodging area called Queen’s Hostel that has a setup similar to the 56 Red Inn. The difference for this lodging area is that it is for females only.

Visitors that are interesting in newer modern areas with take to the Ren Inn Penang. It was built several years ago. This is a dormitory styled lodging facility that has shared showers with a total of 38 accommodations for visitors.

The Homie Delights Guesthouse is a location that may actually feel like home for American visitors that may thirst for remnants of home. This lodging area is near shopping malls and fast food establishments. It is a facility that is frequented by those that want to be close to lots of different shopping stores. There are some bicycle hire options for people that stay here. This is all that one will need because most of the shopping stores, banks and eating establishments are all within short distances of the Homie Delights Guesthouse. Many people that stay here choose to walk to many of these different places.

Not enough? Find more rooms in Penang for your budget.