Kicking It in Kulim – 5 Tips for a Budget Friendly Night in Kulim District, Malaysia

tune-hotel-kulimWhen people travel to Malaysia, they often visit the most advertised destinations in the country. A typical traveler itinerary would include attractions and activities that litter the capital city, Kuala Lumpur, because they’re easy to access and widely talked about on the internet. But dig a little deeper, and you’re bound to find the beautiful district of Kulim – a lesser-known location praised, and patronized by, only the savviest of tourists. If you want to experience Malaysia from a different perspective and do it all on a friendly budget, this travel guide for Kulim should help you with your cause.


  1. Arrange a Camp Out – There are lots of nature parks and outdoor activities in Kulim because of its thick vegetation and untouched natural landscapes. The Sungai Sedim Recreational Forest is great for day trips, but is also an ideal location for overnight camp-outs. Here you can find some of the most picturesque views in the district, with waterfalls and tree top walks. Fees are very pocket-friendly, but most of the arrangements will have to be made on your own.
  2. Visit an Open Air Pub – There’s not a lot going on in Kulim after 10 PM, with many stores closing up shops before the strike of midnight. However, if you try to wander the quiet streets at night time, you’re bound to find an open air pub, where you can brush elbows with locals and enjoy traditional tuak, a beverage unique to the country. Usually, these pubs are very affordable, owned and maintained by long-staying locals, who often have a lot of stories to share to the curious traveler.
  3. Stay In – Staying in your own private hotel room can feel a lot like a vacation all on its own. If you’re looking for a great place to stay without having to break the bank, you can book a budget hotel in Kulim. Many accommodations offer 24 hour room service and in-room massage services, that can give you some well-deserved R & R in preparation for the next day.
  4. Shop at the Local Boutiques – Locals always have something to offer to eager buyers even well into the night, whether its handmade souvenirs, affordable clothes, or home accessories. It’s also common to find locally grown fruits and vegetables that are always cheap and delicious. Be sure to prepare your haggling muscle, and flex whenever you can.
  5. Enjoy Karaoke with Locals – Karaoke is a big thing in Kulim, mainly because there isn’t much else for locals to do. Step out after dinner, and you’re sure to find karaoke bars and restaurants teeming with giggly locals, ready to bare their soul in songs. If you’re up for it, you too can give the microphone a whirl and see what you might score.


They say there’s not a lot of life in Kulim at night, but there’s always something to be found if you look hard enough. Go the road less-traveled and visit the district of Kulim the next time you find yourself in the glistening country of Malaysia.