ASICS Penang Bridge International Marathon 2016


Pulses racing

Hearts racing, stances at the ready. As droplets of sweat trickle down over the oval heads of those in attendance, they wait in earnest. The beckoning sound of a high pitch whistle marks the beginning of the race. It echoes across the horizon. Debris and dust blow away against the thundering footsteps of thousands of participants. Light enveloping smog fills the air with a faint smell of charcoal. 

Yes, it’s that time again where runners from all walks of life gather in unison to outrun each other. So dust off your running shoes, lace up and get prepped. The ASICS Penang Bridge International Marathon (2016) sprints its way forward this November 27th.

From humble beginnings

A marathon that’s been going on since 1985 continues to show no signs of letting up. 

Runners from all corners of the globe will once again congregate to get a leg up over the competition. With a full marathon, half marathon, quarter marathon and a 10 km fun run, there’s no reason not to join. 

A sound mind in a sound body

ASICS, a name synonymous with quality will once again be the title sponsors. With a keen attention to detail and aesthetics, ASICS remains one of the more popular brands. 


A sight for sore eyes

A captivating sight of the sun rising against the towering pillars of the Penang Bridge awaits avid marathoners as it not only signals the ending of the race but is also one to be remembered. Penangites pride and joy, it remains the only time that the bridge closes its passage to the ever bustling traffic.

Preparing for race day

For many, running is an avenue to lose excess weight that has build up over time, while others may use it as a means to escape the monotony of the rat race; runners see it as a way to constantly outdo themselves as they aim to clock in the best times. If you are an aspiring runner or have took part in a race before, it is best to start preparing yourself both physically and mentally to prepare for the grueling demands of a marathon.

The marathon that took place last year was a resounding success

Your journey begins

Know your limit. The sheer distance of a marathon puts your body at a much higher risk to injuries compared to your daily jogs. Do consult with your physician before choosing to start a training program.

Prepare early. It is widely recommended that aspiring marathoners have built up a considerable base mileage for at least a year before starting a marathon training program. One of the most common injuries is not pacing yourself – so do not neglect the importance of consistently running at least 32 to 50 km a week before committing to training for a marathon.

Start small. What better to prepare for a marathon than to participate in one – choosing to participate in shorter races; 5Ks, 10Ks or even a half marathon can do you a world of good. As always start building your base mileage gradually before upping the ante towards more challenging runs.

As the marathon approaches

  • Be well hydrated for several days before your marathon. Drinking a large glass of water before you go to sleep the night before the race is essential. As is drinking another one the moment you wake up in the morning.
  • Eat a light, high-carbohydrate breakfast a few hours before the start of the race. Bagels, oatmeal, energy bars and fruits are all recommended. However, do eat in moderation as racing with a full stomach will only give you the stitches which are not fun.
  • Apply some Vaseline on areas that are prone to abrasions (you should probably be familiar with during your practice runs).
  • Do get to the starting line early, and if required, get in the porta-potty (portable toilet) line at least 30 minutes before the race as the line may be long.
  • Pacing yourself accordingly before building up speed can ensure that you stay in the race through its completion. You do not want to crash out and burn.

UPDATE: Participants who have already booked their flights or accommodations for the initial date of the marathon (20th November) can seek the help of the organizers at their Facebook community page. If you haven’t arranged your travel itinerary, why not consider this little gem

For further info about the marathon categories that will be held as well as the entry fees for joining them, do stay tuned to our website as we’ll post them as soon as the information becomes available.