6 Practical Ways on How to Save Money While Travelling in Cyberjaya

Cyberjaya-HeaderAs the center of the technology scene in Malaysia, the cost of living in Cyberjaya is normally higher compared to other parts of the country. With that said, if you are planning to travel there but you are operating within a very limited budget, you need all the advice you can get on how to cut your expenses. Whether you are staying in Cyberjaya for a few days or for a week, you can save a lot of your money by implementing the following tips:


  1. Seek advice and recommendations from people who live, study, or work in the area. If you have a friend or a family member who happens to be familiar about the place, ask him questions on how to make your money last longer. What are the cheapest restaurants in town? Where can you get your laundry done for the least cash? These are the types of practical questions you need to ask them.


  1. As much as possible, use the town’s free park and ride system. Cyberjaya has more than 700 free parking bays. You should take advantage of these whenever you can.


  1. Plan your itinerary before you head over to the place. This is a travel tip that applies wherever you go. If you don’t have a well-organized itinerary, you’ll end up accumulating unnecessary expenses.


  1. Use public transport when traveling to or from Cyberjaya. The cheapest ways to get in and out of the city are through public trains and buses. They are readily available and more convenient.


  1. Book an affordable hotel that’s located within the town. Finding a budget hotel in Cyberjaya is not that hard because of the availability of information online. Check out the websites of all the hotels in the area and compare prices and amenities.


  1. Eat in food courts instead of fancy restaurants. Cyberjaya is host to hundreds of students and young professionals who work in the dozens of tech companies that operate in the town. A lot of food courts have been set up in town to cater to the meals of these students and workers. Food in these establishments are much cheaper compared to standard restaurants.


These tips are not too difficult to follow. Cyberjaya isn’t a big town so everything you need is almost within walking distance. This is one more reason why you should consider all of your options for every expense you make, to make sure that you spend as little money as possible. In a nutshell, you can travel to and have some fun in Cyberjaya even with a frugal budget.